The Body Practice is more than a system of conditioning ...

... it is a methodology that takes the human body and works fitness and wellness in equal parts. A blend of Martial Arts, Yoga and Traditional Calisthenics, the Body Practice requires no equipment ... just your body, your time and your effort.

Each workout is divided into two parts: Dynamic Conditioning and Yoga. The Dynamic portion of the Body Practice is a carefully designed flow of complimentary exercises that work the muscles of the body in compound groups. This not only builds strength but promotes flexibility, coordination, balance and control.  Each movement is performed without rest for one minute before sequencing to the next. This continues with minimal rest periods (depending on your level) for a full 30 minutes. Once through the dynamic portion of the training, the restorative Yoga practice is performed, culminating in a full hour of body movement.

The Body Practice is a truly unique fusion of movement designed to maximize the connection and balance of your body, mind, and spirit.

In the store section, you can purchase any or all of the video training series ... available for download to your device:

The Body Practice: Series 1

The Body Practice: Series 2

The Body Practice: Series 3