After 20 plus years in this industry several students of the fitness industry have requested a mentoring program that would help enable and groom these participants not only into skilled and thinking athletes, but in business decisions, and choosing objectively regarding trends of novelty and lasting values.

This program allows my students access to all my knowledge base and are able to speak with me via phone, text, Skype, and emails.  

It is a two year period of education, teaching, learning and growing at the highest level of knowledge transfer that I offer.  There is no school that can touch the practical experience of cultivated years weathering recessions, and economic droughts in an industry that only seems to thrive in a strong economy. 

Innovation and entrepreneurial skills become new tools for those enrolled into the mentorship program.

This is for the serious student that wants more than just a basic education of physical skills and attributes.

A personal video clip will be emailed to you.

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